Phil Long Ford Denver understands that financing that new or used car is at the top of most buyer's minds. However, many first-time dealership buyers are unaware that their car's valuation, or trade-in value, affects their available financing options. Knowing your car's current valuation is that important first step in buying your new car.

Your car valuation is affected by a number of factors, listed here:

          Mileage - How much mileage do you have on your car? 
Geography - Some auto brands are more popular in different cities and states
Color - Standard colors sell better than nonstandard colors
Condition - is your car well maintained?
Accessories - Adding accessories can improve or decrease the added value to your car
Upgrades - As with accessories, upgrades can help or hurt your car's valuation

A good rule of thumb is to keep your car in the best condition possible for the highest trade-in value possible. Keep up with the maintenance schedule, keep your interior clean, and the exterior free of scratches and dents! 

To help facilitate the best buying experience possible, here is the Kelley Blue Book Tool for determining your car's valuation. Come on into Phil Long Ford already knowing your car's trade-in value, where we can help you find the best vehicle for you!

Get your Kelley blue book car valuation in Denver right here!